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Spoken Giants is the first global rights administration company for the owners and creators of Spoken Word copyrights.

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Your Rights Updates

Spoken Giants Scores Major Legal Victory on Behalf of Our Members

Membership Update: I am happy to report a significant, positive development in our ongoing fight for fair payment from Digital Service Providers (DSPs) for the performance of our members’ written material.

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Comedians Nab Crucial Win Against Pandora in Streaming Pay Dispute

The judge overseeing the case found no evidence that groups representing the comedians have monopolized the market for the rights to comedy routines.

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Pandora loses antitrust fight with comedians over comedy 'cartel'

April 6 (Reuters) - A Los Angeles federal judge on Wednesday dismissed Pandora Media's antitrust case against a group of comedians who earlier sued the internet radio station for copyright infringement.

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Spoken Giants Values Creator’s Rights

Spoken Giants is dedicated to nurturing and maintaining relationships with comedians, podcast authors, speech writers, and other spoken word creators. Becoming a member is quick and easy, with no dues or annual fees of any kind.  As a member of Spoken Giants you receive our direct and focused attention to represent and nurture your creative value - the works you create, write, practice, and deliver in multiple forms of media.

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Learn Our Process

For a brief overview of Spoken Giants' unique value to creators and rightholders alike, please watch the video below.

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Businesses Must License With Spoken Giants

Spoken Giants works to protect the public performance, copying, and synchronization of our members creative assets.  Comedy, podcasts, and other spoken word creative assets are used across so many distribution vehicles, such as Digital Service Providers, terrestrial broadcasters, and more.  Under United States Copyright law spoken word creative works are fully protected just as music has been for decades.

But ... compared to music and other media, Spoken Word assets are under-represented in today's sonic landscape and more importantly key rights, provided for under copyright law are not paid by the very channels that obtain great value from using comedy works, podcasts, and other spoken word assets. Hardworking artists, performers, and rights owners have missed out on their legal and rightful licensing opportunities, and as a result, are robbed of the royalties they deserve.

Spoken Giants is in business to serve our members making sure this wrong is righted.

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Who Is Spoken Giants?

Spoken Giants was founded in early 2019 by three partners who brought together a rich history of entertainment, media, technology, and intellectual property rights experience. In all spoken word “genres” Spoken Giants works to protect the public performance, the copying, and synchronization of our members creative assets.

Jim King

CEO and Co-Founder

Mike Bannon

CFO and Business Management Lead

Jordan King

Membership Administrator

Brenner McDonald

General Counsel

Chris Harrison

Outside Legal Counsel