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Businesses License Your Works

Businesses License Your Works

Spoken Giants is focused on licensing our member's creative works at the best negotiated and competitive rates for each right we administer. Our ever-growing list of members and the scale of the overall Spoken Giants catalog gives us the ability to deliver significant creative value to licensees, ensuring our members are accurately paid for their hard work!

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Rights We Manage

In addition to managing a wide array of spoken word genres, Spoken Giants administers several types of rights for our members.

Mechanical Rights

Mechanical rights in copyright law is a license from the rights holder of a copyright of a spoken word composition or spoken word work, to another party to reproduce, cover, or sample a portion of the original composition.

Performing Rights

A performing rights license grants the right to perform spoken word in public. Public performance also includes broadcast and cable television, radio, and any other transmitted performance of a live comedy, podcast, or orated work. Permission to publicly perform a spoken word track must be obtained from the copyright holder for the track or from the only collective rights organization for spoken word – Spoken Giants.

Sync Rights

A spoken word synchronization license is a license granted by the holder of the copyright of a comedy, podcast or orated composition, to a licensee for synchronizing a spoken word track with a visual media output.

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Our licensing agreements are negotiated individually by our internal team.

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