Next Steps

I'm Signed Up. What Now?

We're very glad you've signed! You should have received an email from us confirming we've received your application.

The next few steps of the process for you are detailed below. If you have any questions regarding these steps, or any other questions, please email

First step: Establish Your Catalog With ISRCs

The first step for our team is to make sure we have all of your works, and are set with an ISRC code for each. An ISRC is a unique identifier for each recording, which is what we use to manage your works. Check out this link for info on the basics of ISRCs. Jordan King, our membership administrator, added your ISRC info from any/all albums you have to our database when you signed our agreement.


If you would like to go over that information, or if you are aware of any ISRCs for recordings which are not related to your albums, you can email

Second Step: Add Your Catalog to the Overall Repertoire

Next, we will add your catalog to our overall Spoken Giants repertoire and will process quarterly to determine if you are owed performance or mechanical royalties from our current royalty sources, including YouTube, YouTube Red, Pandora. If your recordings have activity during the reporting period, we will collect and calculate the amount you are due and notify you of any upcoming payment. Payment notifications will come to you from our Royalty Administrator, Anestassia Yu, who can be contacted at


We process three quarters in arrears and for example we are processing 4Q-2019 payments in the next month.  Initial collections will be based on the Content-ID channels and we will expand collections based on the agreements we sign on your behalf across larger distribution channels.

Third Step: Grow Spoken Giants' Royalty Collections

As we continue to update our catalog and process royalties for our members, we are also working hard to grow Spoken Giants, both in membership and in Spoken Giants repertoire licensing agreement opportunities. We are pursuing and negotiating with major channels of distribution. If you have any questions about how licensing works, or would like to know more about our process, please don't hesitate to email us. 

Still More Questions?

You can find help via any of the resources below.

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